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Бад Пауэлл Bud Powell. Dance Of The Infidels (2 CD)

Бад Пауэлл Bud Powell. Powell In Paris

Бад Пауэлл Bud Powell. Strictly Powell

Бад Пауэлл Bud Powell. Swingin' With

Бад Пауэлл The Ultimate. Bud Powell (2 CD)

Бад Пауэлл Bud Powell. Essential Albums (3 CD)

Бад Пауэлл Bud Powell. Four Classic Albums Plus (2 CD)

Бад Пауэлл Bud Powell. Modern Jazz Archive (2 CD)

Бад Пауэлл Bud Powell. The Amazing (LP)

LP 1: Tracks 1 - 6 LP 2: Tracks 7 - 12

1676 RUR



Бад Пауэлл Bud Powell. The Scene Changes (LP)

Side A: Tracks 1-5 Side B: Tracks 6-9

2038 RUR



Чарли Паркер,Диззи Гиллеспи,Макс Роуч,Бад Пауэлл,Чарльз Мингус Parker, Gillespie, Powell, Roach, Mingus. The Quintet: Jazz At Massey Hall

Bud Powell. The Amazing Powell: Vol.2

Исполнитель: POWELL, BUDАльбом: THE AMAZING BUD POWELL VOL 2 - RVGПроизводитель:

945 RUR



Кози Пауэлл Cozy Powell. The Best Of Powell

Bud Powell. The Amazing Powell: Vol.1

Bud Powell - The Amazing

Кози Пауэлл Cozy Powell. Tilt

Джонатан Пауэлл Jonathan Powell. Conus,Georgiy: Piano Music

Баден Пауэлл Baden Powell. Seresta Brasileira

Кози Пауэлл Cozy Powell. Octopuss

Isabelle Joyau Investigating Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time

Книга "Investigating Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time".

7189 RUR



Декстер Гордон,Бад Пауэлл,Пьер Мичело,Кенни Кларк Dexter Gordon. Our Man In Paris (LP)

Владимир Тарасов,Гарт Пауэлл Vladimir Tarasov, Garth Powell. Etudes

Bud Powell. Live In Lausanne 1962

Dawn Powell The Diaries of Powell. 1931-1965

Книга "The Diaries of Dawn Powell. 1931-1965".

2664 RUR



Fred W. Powell, Frederick Powell The Politics of Social Work

Книга "The Politics of Social Work".

6952 RUR



Timothy B. Powell Ruthless Democracy. A Multicultural Interpretation of the American Renaissance

In Ruthless Democracy, Timothy Powell reimagines the canonical origins of "American" identity by juxtaposing authors such as Hawthorne, Melville, and Thoreau with Native American, African American, and women authors. Taking his title from Melville, Powell identifies an unresolvable conflict between America's multicultural history and its violent will to monoculturalism. Powell challenges existing perceptions of the American Renaissance--the period at the heart of the American canon and its evolutions--by expanding the parameters of American identity. Drawing on the critical traditions of cultural studies and new historicism, Powell invents a new critical paradigm called "historical multiculturalism." Moving beyond the polarizing rhetoric of the culture wars, Powell grounds his multicultural conception of American identity in careful historical analysis. Ruthless Democracy extends the cultural and geographical boundaries of the American Renaissance beyond the northeast to Indian Territory, Alta California, and the transnational sphere that Powell calls the American Diaspora. Arguing for the inclusion of new works, Powell envisions the canon of the American Renaissance as a fluid dialogue of disparate cultural voices.

4514 RUR



Edgar Powell The Peasants' Rising and the Lollards. a Collection of Unpublished Documents Forming an Appendix to England in Age Wycliffe. Edited by G.M. Trevelyan

Книга "The Peasants' Rising and the Lollards. a Collection of Unpublished Documents Forming an Appendix to "England in the Age of Wycliffe". Edited by Edgar Powell and G.M. Trevelyan".

1652 RUR



Dave Oliphant KD. a Jazz Biography

Written in tightly constructed rhymed quatrains, this is the first biography of internationally acclaimed Texas jazz trumpeter Kenny Dorham. Beginning in 1963 with Dorham’s recordings in Denmark, this poetic biography traces the story of musician Kenny Dorham’s career performing with the greatest legends of jazz history’s bop and hard bop eras—including Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Sonny Rollins, and John Coltrane. Also discussing extensive touring as a musician and his lamentably short-lived group the Jazz Prophets, this biography demonstrates the importance of Dorham’s career.

1589 RUR



Don Alberts Original Jazz Compositions Volume 13

Songs with unique character in the realm of jazz music based on the jazz influence and music of the late 1950's and the 1960's period of jazz recordings and live performances by noted and famous artist like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bud Powell, Charlie Parker, Barry Harris, Sonny Clark,Mulgrew Miller and pianist Bill Evans. A special Combo Edition with horn and rhythm parts.

1964 RUR



Wil Haygood King of the Cats. The Life and Times Adam Clayton Powell, JR.

Книга "King of the Cats. The Life and Times of Adam Clayton Powell, JR.".

1989 RUR



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